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KAREN, Voice Teacher in Manhattan, NYC, Los Angeles and Paris..

Karen Nimereala began her teaching studio as an adjunct professor of voice in Paris, France, for Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, New York), while she was performing in Europe. Her love of music and singing began as a child and has always been a vital part of her life. It was her own performing experience, coupled with the teaching she received from Franco Corelli, that drew her to the education of young singers. She sees her involvement in teaching as a means of carrying on Corelli's important legacy.

During her years of study with Maestro Corelli, she also served as his assistant in his studios in New York City and Milan, Italy. Shortly before his untimely death in 2003, she had taken a hiatus in her European singing career for a long, intensive period of work with the great tenor.

The emphasis in her own studio is to pass along his legacy through rigorous application of the technique and style of the Italian School of singing.

Karen Nimereala's extraordinary voyage started as a young child, in the corn fields of Ohio. The daughter of Romanian immigrants, she first sang the folk songs of her heritage, but was soon learning American musical comedy. She sang jazz as a way to earn a living, studied violin as a scholarship student, and attended Juilliard as a fellowship voice student. Her work with Franco Corelli was the artistic apex of her musical experience, and she hopes in turn to inspire young singers and help them to pursue their own artistic goals. Her students and professional clients have enjoyed successes in opera and musical theater on international stages....Sting....Mylène Farmer...to mention a few.

She is available for private lessons in New York City, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles. She conducts seminars in France and New York City on both opera and musical theatre that include classes in voice technique, acting and dance, culminating in public performances of scenes and ensembles. In addition to herself, Ms. Nimereala engages other highly qualified professionals in dance, theatre and opera for these classes. She is also a vocal coach and adviser for performing artists preparing there concerts and tours.

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